About the Company

Raina Lucas//Dance Co. & Lab

The Raina Lucas//Dance Co. & Lab is a project-based contemporary dance & contemporary ballet company based in Durham, North Carolina. Made up of a small, rotating community of dancers from across the state of North Carolina, the company seeks to celebrate and make visible talented, emerging pre-professional and professional movers and choreographers through providing opportunities to participate in the making and/or performance of original, quality work. Original choreography is created in a laboratory style rehearsal setting seeking to strike a balance between structure and spontaneity. Works often explore questions and themes about self, community, society, and the human condition.
The dance-making process is highly collaborative and artists are regularly welcomed to experiment and explore, present new ideas/movements, challenge/question/discuss themes, ideas, and concepts, and make personal decisions about their approach to moving.
Interested in participating as a dancer/collaborative dance-maker/performer?
If you are a dancer and have an interest in being a part of a collaborative rehearsal project and/or performing original choreography, please feel free to reach out to Raina Lucas on the contact page and request to be added to a contact list for future projects. Please note that rehearsals do not always lead up to or guarantee a performance. You may be asked to participate in non-performance, dance-making experiments and opportunities (i.e: meeting at a studio to explore new ideas, processes, and choreography).