The Company

Founded in late 2016 by choreographer, Raina Lucas, the Raina Lucas//Dance Co. & Lab is an emerging project-based contemporary dance company based in Durham, North Carolina. The company’s emphasis on embodied investigation, physical intelligence, and movement experimentation in the rehearsal space facilitates the making and performance of provocative works exhibiting the choreographer and dancers’ rich personal histories, cultures, and psychological/sociological inquiries and themes. Made up of a rotating community of talented dancers from across the state of North Carolina, the company takes a keen interest in process focused dance-making and works to strike a unique balance between crafted and spontaneous movements. The company is currently focused on the creation of new works.
The Raina Lucas//Dance Co. & Lab places great value in the process of making a dance. The company views rehearsals as a laboratory for exploring, playing, questioning, embodying, and making decisions both spontaneously and consciously within the structure of a work. Dancers are encouraged to engage in these same processes whilst performing for an audience. The hope is that these processes aid the dancers in discovering more possibilities in movement and performance.

The Founder//Artistic Director

Raina Lucas Headshot

Raina Lucas is a choreographic research artist and dance educator based in Durham, North Carolina. She received her BA in dance and psychology from Goucher College and her MFA in dance with an emphasis in choreography from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is a recipient of the Kristina Larsen Choreography Award, and has served as the assistant rehearsal director for Charlotte, North Carolina based dance company, The MARK dance company. Raina has performed in works by Larry Keigwin, Doris Humphrey, Elizabeth Corbett, and Elolo Gharbin and has taught a variety of dance technique and lecture courses at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Guilford College. Currently, Raina is a dance instructor at Ninth Street Dance in Durham and an adjunct dance faculty member at Salem College. Her research is inspired by her Undergraduate training and background in cognitive psychology and dance where she seeks to not only locate the nexus of our physical and intellectual selves through creativity and dance-making, but also investigate embodied cognition in dance learning.